Episode 1 – ZeFi

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Episode 1 - ZeFi

In the inaugural episode of Block Chain Forge, the Co-Founders of Ze.Fi, a media and education platform for DeFi, come together to discuss their project as well as their positions on Crypto’s power to free people from oppressive governments in Syria, and be a gateway to education on the broader world of finance and commerce needed to help secure everyone’s future.

I found out about Ze.Fi through a friend in my earlier days of Crypto interest. Now they have a comedy show, podcast, and more education media on horizon.

I hope you enjoy our chat, the various tangents and impassioned assertions.

Please visit Ze.Fi for yourself to see the project discussed today.

Visit the Ze.Fi website: https://www.ze.fi/
Reach out to Ze.Fi on Telegram: T.Me/Zendettafi

If you have a story you want to share, or wish to reach out to BlockChain Forge

Email: Eric@BlockChainForge.io
Twitter: @BlockChainForge

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