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Interviews with the most interesting people forging the future of block chain, crypto, and a decentralized world.

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Episode 1 - ZeFi

Eric Guillen

What happens in the forge?

Passion is the fuel of all great endeavors.  I went to school for software development, and then Economics. Blockchain technology has been the greatest synthesis of those two interests.  Through research, telegram groups, mutual friends and a drive to discuss what the future can be, I have lured the most interesting people in the blockchain, crypto, and DeFi space to sit down and share their stories, their passions, their projects and the many ways they are forging the future that will affect all of our lives. 

Eric Guillen

Host - Eric Guillen

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What is your story?

This show is made of people in the cryptoverse out there doing.

If you have a project to share or a story to tell, contact me to discuss recording.

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